Highland Park Model CB8 stainless steel cabbing machine (110V)

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Model C8 Six Wheel 304 Stainless Steel Cabbing Machine 


Motor: The Model CB8 comes with a heavy duty 1 horsepower 1725 RPM, TEFC Nema 56 motor. 

Belt: The CB8 uses a serpentine type belt similar to what is used in automobiles, these belts don't have the associated "thump" of typical v-belts and are very quiet running. Our units have a lot of motor power, so the serpentine belt is preferred to reduce belt slippage on start up particularly when running the heavier sintered diamond wheels.

Frame: The CB8 heavy duty framework is constructed from 14 gauge 304 stainless steel so it will never rust.  304SS is a more pure stainless steel than is offered by other manufacturers and is completely non magnetic.

Wheel Spacing: The Highland Park CB8 Cabbing machine is designed with a longer precision turned shaft that allows 1 5/8" between wheels when using 2" wide wheels and 2 3/8" between wheels when using 1.5" wide wheels. The most roomy spacing available on the market! Unit includes a big spacer kit, and additional sizes of spacers are available to accommodate any type of wheel configuration.

Drains: There are two large drains, one on each side of the machine allowing easy evacuation of the waste water. Additionally, the drains are positions below the bottom of the tray, so the water can drain completely unlike most common drain designs.

Water Delivery: The Highland Park CB8 Cabbing Machine has a drip feed water delivery system. The water feed fitting on the back of the unit accepts 6mm poly tubing and feeds both sets of valve assemblies that are located under the top of the unit. The valves are positions over each wheel and the felt wipers assist in the dispersion of the water across the face of each wheel. The valves have removable needles that can easily be removed for cleaning or for servicing the seals. 

Main Shaft and Bearings: The CB8 Main Shaft is made from 316 Stainless Steel and is mounted on 2 heavy duty 35mm (1.377") bearings for smooth vibration free operation and long bearing life. 

Accessories: Unit will accommodate 2 LED goose neck lights (option CB8055)



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This price is for the cabbing machine only. Cabbing wheels are sold separately. If you wish to get the wheels as well, you can choose and purchase them here.

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