Highland Park heavy-duty core drill for drilling up to 6 inch cores

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Model CD4 Heavy duty Core Drill System for drilling cores in all types of stone, glass and similar materials using diamond core drill bits.


Motor and VFD: The CD4 comes with a 2 horsepower 220v 3 phase motor and a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) that allows the machine to be operated on 220v single phase power. The VFD allows the machine to operate a a full range of speeds to accommodate each different size bit. The motor can easily drive the supplied 2" to 4" supplied bits but can also drive up to 6" bits with lower feed rates. 

Control Console: The Control Console allows the following functions: Drill On/OFF, Stop Drill, Fast Stop Drill, Coolant Pump On/OFF, Head UP/DOWN, and Emergency Power Off.

Main Frame: The main frame is a built from heavy gauge steel tubing and plate to insure rigid and stable drilling. 

Main Head Carriage: The main carriage is a single large precision machined casting that provides a solid structure for mounting the main drill shaft to insure that the bit is kept perfectly perpendicular to the  workpiece.

Main Rails and Bearings: The Main Rails are heavy duty 40mm hardened linear bearing stock and the 4 Main Rail Bearings ensure 12" of bearing engagement on each side of the carriage. This is very important to eliminating any tilting or skew in the main carriage, always ensuring that the core bits are coming in perfectly perpendicular to the workpiece.

Main Shaft: The Main Shaft is a precision machined from 316 Stainless Steel which allows the use of both water or oil as the cutting coolant. The Main Shaft thread is 1 1/4-7.

Main and Transfer Bearings: There are 3 sets of heavy duty bearings that support the Main Shaft (35mm), the Drive Shaft (1 1/4"), the Transfer Sleeve Shaft (50MM) These bearings insure the smooth transfer of power to the core bit.

Alignment plates: We incorporated alignment plates into the machine for allowing precision alignment of the Main Shaft, the Drive Shaft, and a fully adjustable mount for the alignment of the Transfer Sleeve Shaft. While many people wont notice these features, this is one of the key elements of making a Core Drilling Machine that can be easily aligned and will stay in alignment, this improves quality of cut and cutting speed, and eliminates binding in the drilling process and undesirable side wear on the core bits.

Air Over Oil Feed System: The CD4 feed system is traditional Air over Oil technology. The machine requires a small compressor (not included) that is connected to the main regulator and the head movement is controlled with a simple directional valve on the left side of the control box. There are two oil reservoirs on the left top of the machine that supply oil to the Main Head Cylinder which produces a very smooth motion required for core drilling. There is a bypass valves that allows faster movement for when you are retracting the bit or moving to position the bit over the workpiece, and then a precision flow control valve is used to control the drilling speed. 

Coolant Pumps: The CD4 Core Drill System includes two pumps that run off the Control Console power. The large pump is used to supply oil to the center of the main bit pumping oil thru the Rotating Union and directly into the cut, the second smaller pump is used to flush the outside of the cut particularly when doing cross drilling. 

Digital Depth Gauge: The Digital Depth Gauge is used to allow the operator to know where in the workpiece the bit is located. Before drilling a workpiece, the core bit is lowered to the platform base, and then the Digital Depth Gauge is zero'd, then when drilling the display will show how far the bit is from the platform base, this will allow the operator to avoid drilling into the base, but also allows the drill to stop 1 or 2 mm before breaking thru the workpiece making it easy to retract the bit and not having the workpiece get stuck into the bit.


The Highland Park CD4 Core Drilling System includes the following sizes of core bits and cross drill jigs:  

2 inch
2-1/2 inch
3 inch
3-1/2 inch
4 inch

The Cross Drill Jigs are located on the Drill Platform with two Locator pins, these Pins insure that once the jig is aligned with the core bit, they can be removed and replaced and retain the proper position.

Machine Dimensions:
Width: 45 inches
Depth: 24 inches
Height: 87 inches

Crate Dimensions and Weight:
58x34x76 / 1,294lbs



CD4 Core Drill Overview

Overview of CD4 Core Drill



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