Highland Park 24 inch rotary flat lap with1-1/2 HP 230V motor and center and dual side water feeds

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Model 24FL 230V Variable Speed Flat Lap


Motor and VFD: The Model 24FL comes with a 1 horsepower motor that is controlled by a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) that allows the machine to run a full range of speed from 0 to 540 rpm. 

Frame: The 24FL heavy duty framework is constructed from 7 gauge (3/16") steel for the tank and 15 gauge (0.070") steel on the side covers. 

Water Delivery: The Highland Park 24FL Variable Speed Flat Lap comes standard with both center feed and drip feed water delivery. The center feed water comes up thru the main shaft thru the center feed brass fitting for convenience  or for when working on larger pieces where the overhead drip lines would get in the way. 

Main Shaft and Arbor Assembly: The 24FL Main Shaft is made from 316 Stainless Steel and the integrated Arbor Assembly holds the Main Shaft with 2 heavy duty 30mm (1.18") roller bearings for smooth operation and long bearing life. 

Main Plate: The 24FL Main Plate is made from 20mm (3/4") high quality steel that is precision ground so its perfectly flat and smooth. 

Accessories: Includes 4 heavy duty leveling feet and a flexible drain hose

SHIPPING WEIGHT – 528 lbs. FREE CRATE INCLUDED and NO “Handling Charges" 37 x 37 x 43 in (15.49 pcf)


Arbor Construction & Arbor Performance




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