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Model 18S – 18-inch stainless steel precision laboratory diamond slab saw with 4mm 340 stainless steel plate tank, powerfeed, crossfeed vise for specimen fixtures and 1HP 110v 60Hz motor


Many laboratories attempt to use saws intended for the masonry and construction industry to cut test specimens of concrete or asphalt for use in AMPT, TSRST, Hamburg Wheel Tracking, ASTM, Prall and other test protocols.

Unfortunately, saws offered to the masonry and construction industry do not offer the rigidity, stability, automation, and safety most laboratory managers seek.  They lack the critical consistency in sample preparation required by laboratory test engineers to perform accurate tests and generate meaningful data.

The costs of sample preparation are high - securing sample material for various locations, baking it, compacting it, coring it, or slicing it and then prepping specimens accurately for testing. Having this large upstream investment in time and money wasted by failures of an inaccurate and unsuitable saw is frustrating to many professional laboratory test engineers.

Unfortunately, saws offered by leading laboratory test equipment providers are extremely expensive, overly complex and are too big to fit in many existing laboratory facilities - walls have to be moved, new doors installed and specialized wiring and other infrastructure upgraded - and should anything go wrong with the machine, an expensive tech has to come in and fix it.

The Highland Park Industrial 18S Laboratory Saw is an automated specimen saw for clamping and sawing accurate geometries for a variety of test protocols. Collaboratively designed with the DOT, it is built out of 4mm 304 stainless steel plate with full stainless and aluminum components. It is simple and rugged in design and function - the same basic design has been used in the lapidary industry for over 30 years for cutting precious and semi-precious gemstones where precision and adherence to tolerances are critical.

The 18S supports a variety of precise clamping fixtures for prepping samples for AMPT, TSRST, Wheel Tracking (Hamburg), ASTM 1 and 3 notch, Prall, Overlay and Semi-Circular Bend tests among others and we have the ability to collaborate on custom designing and manufacturing fixtures for new test protocols. Designed to operate as a water-cooled environment the 18S cutting system is fully contained by the hood that can be easily opened for easy access.


Used by the DOT - Designed in partnership with the DOT to prepare samples for the AMPT and other asphalt and concrete testing protocols with the most stringent of tolerances 

Contamination Free - 304 Stainless steel design of all components prevents oxidization and allows usage of water as coolant without damage to the machine

Compact Size and Simple Implementation - Fits through standard doorways and runs on a 20A 110V circuit providing plug-and-play functionality for virtually any laboratory setting

Clean Working Environment - Enclosed hood to eliminate the potential of dust and water becoming air born

Safe Operation - Specimens are cut automatically while the hood is closed eliminating the possibility of operator injury

Precise Geometric Consistency of Samples - Precision clamping mechanisms provides absolute control of specimen tolerances and ensures geometric uniformity of all samples

Many Possible Applications - Suitable for cutting concrete, asphalt, rock, mineral, and gemstones 

Sturdy Construction and Easily Maintained - Built to last for years of operation out of 304 stainless steel and aluminum components

 Ideal for Specimen Preparation - Supports common sample geometries including: 

  • AMPT cylindrical specimens round cores

  • TSRST specimens according to EN 12697-46 and AASHTO TP10

  • Wheel Tracking slabs (Hamburg) or cores according to EN 12697-22 and AASHTO T324

  • ASTM specimens (1 and 3 notches)

  • Prall test specimens according to EN 12697-16

  • Overlay test specimens according to TX-248-F

  • Semi-Circular Bend test specimens according to EN 12697-44 (except for the notch)

  • Cylindrical Cores 38 -170mm diameter to different lengths 


-ARBOR SHAFT – Stainless steel machined to 1-inch bearing diameter. 3/4 inch diameter for diamond saw arbor

-BLADE FLANGES – Aluminum 3-3/4 inch outside diameter

-AUTOMATIC CUT-OFF SWITCH – adjustable for length of cut

-SAFETY INTERLOCK CONTROL BOX - ensures the saw will not operate unless the hood is secured closed and interlock circuitry is engaged

-POWERFEED – 5 speeds. Approximate workpiece infeed rates: 1) 9 inches per hour, 2) 10-3/4 inches per hour 3) 13-1/2 inches per hour 4) xxx inches per hour 5) xxx inches per hour

-SPLIT NUT DRIVE – Engages carriage with powerfeed screw. Released by a flip of the handle for quick carriage return

-ROLLER BEARING CARRIAGE – Carriage rides on precision stainless steel roller bearings instead of metal on metal bushings resulting in accurate operation that will never wear out

-WAYS – 1-1/4 inch square stainless steel structural tubing

-SAW TANK– Welded 4mm stainless steel. Inside dimensions 25-3/4 inches wide x 11-9/16 inches deep x 33-13/16 inches long. Overall height with the hood closed – 44 inches. Stainless drain cap and heavy-duty locking casters included

-V-BELTS – Connect the motor to saw blade and powerfeed screw

-MOTOR – 110 volts 60 Hz 1 H.P. with thermal protection and start and run capacitors


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