Your slab saw will be a significant investment.  It should be regarded as a lifetime investment.  Fortunately with Highland Park Lapidary, you don’t have to pay huge sums of money or get a second mortgage on your home for equipment that is Built to Last a Lifetime ™.

Your best value in the long run is a machine that has the lowest overall cost of ownership – meaning the combination of the purchase price and the cost to maintain and operate the machine while providing maximum protection to your diamond saw blades and permitting you to turn out the highest quality work in the least amount of time.  It all adds up:  Your best value is Highland Park Lapidary.

HOODS – All Highland Park Lapidary saws feature full steel hoods with no plastic windows to crack and leak.  Because each saw is equipped with automatic cut off, watching the blade is unnecessary and all seasons cutters know you can hear when the blade is about to cut through.


ARBOR SHAFTS are engineered for strength and rigidity, machine-turned for proper fit of bearings and blade.

BLADE FLANGES are machined from aluminum billet for safety and durability. They are designed with the necessary relief to provide proper contact with and support of the saw blade.

ALL MOTORS are equipped with reset overload protection.

POWERFEED – designed for three speeds to adjust the carriage in-feed for various rock hardnesses.  Adjustment is easy – change V-belt to another pulley groove.

ARBOR BALL BEARINGS are factory lubricated and seated to protect them from abrasive contaminants.  They can be lubricated for long-life performance.

VISE – made of close-grained gray iron castings for strength and rigidity, faced with replaceable hardwood jaws.  Opening designed for maximum capacity of saw.  Ratchet in 1” increments for coarse setting; screw for tightening.

SAW TANK is engineered using steel plate welded and fabricated to provide a rigid, stable base for the saw mechanism.

CARRIAGE – cast aluminum frame, roller bearing mounted, travels along square structural steel ways.  Wide lateral crossfeed movement, crank operated, with graduated dial for cutting multiple slabs.  Split-nut carriage drive, released by flip of a handle for quick carriage return.

AUTOMATIC CUT-OFF SWITCH – is adjustable for length of cut.

DRAIN PLUG is located at front of saw for easy access…large diameter nipple for fast draining, easy cleaning.

  • Split-nut carriage drive is quickly and easily released for carriage return or positioning.
  • Cross-feed has calibrated dial.